Strength and durability are qualities which apply equally to machinery manufactured by A Kinghorn and Company. For the best part of 90 years, Press Brakes, Guillotines and other Sheet Metal and Fabricating machinery including Steco Plate Working machines were manufactured at Hammer Works in Todmorden, Lancashire. From the end of WW2 over 3000 machines were produced and sold all over the world. There are still in excess of 900 machines in use spread over the length and breadth of the UK.

These days Kinghorn Steco is wholly owned by Crescent Machinery Limited. Crescent took over the business and own the intellectual property rights, all engineering drawings for Steco, Nova British Clearing and Kinghorn machines along with a large selection of original patters and the machine templates.

We no longer manufacture machinery but concentrate on supplying service, maintenance and spare parts to many customers. We employ our own team of Kinghorn trained engineers to offer on site service, they have between over 60 years experience in repairing and servicing Kinghorn and Steco machinery.

Spare parts are manufactured using original material specifications and factory drawings ensuring continued quality, strength and durability. As Crescent manufacture most parts in house, lead times and costs are kept to a minimum. Wear parts such as shear pinions and plastic gears are usually in stock.

Breakdown service take an ever increasing role with Kinghorn and Steco machinery, it is where our skilled workforce are used to their utmost whether it is electrical, hydraulic or a mechanical breakdown. Our engineers undertake “Thorough and Periodic Inspections” (HSG236) as part of our comprehensive PUWER Legislation assessment and support.

Tooling and Clamps
80 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
3000 x 3.25 DD Guillotene
150 Ton Mechanical
80 Ton Inclined Drum Press
Conn Rod
30 HUS Press Brake
D S Presses
Steco Straightening Rolls
3000 x 1.6mm Folder With Slitter
Steco 200 Ton Gap Press
80 Ton CNC Hydraulic
Steco 2500 x 6mm Bending Rolls